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Welcome! Over the years, my wife and I have lived in five countries around the world and
now dedicate ourselves to our community of five villas in Phoenix.  My wife is an American
who has traveled the world, resided in Mexico and Spain and speaks fluent  Castillian.  As for
me,  I was born in Russia in the former Soviet Republic of Moldova, about a 2 hour drive from
Romania.  My hometown looks a lot like the Transylvania seen in old American movies.
Experience our superior service and worldly charm.  Come visit Historic Central Phoenix and
spend some time with us.
Warmest regards from our family to yours,
Ruslan and Erin Razinn
Raz Inn Bed and Breakfast Villas
This Metro station is located just 3 minutes walk from our location.
Station Art
Artist: Lian Averbuch
New York, NY
The inspiration for the artwork was the feeling of infinity, motion, and weightlessness.